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Contemporary Kerala Jewelry for Onam

contemporary kerala jewelry for onam

Kerala has a rich heritage of traditional gold jewelry, passed on over generations. However, contemporary fashion for the jewelry loving Keralite has been constantly evolving. With many innovative materials that offer fresh designs, rich intricate details and a greater freedom of choice, gold is no longer the norm. Paper jewelry has become a much sought after category of jewelry owing to its versatility, ample color choices and designs unimaginable in the traditional gold.

Contemporary Kerala jewelry is a fusion of traditional classics with modern design aesthetics that are minimal and unique. I’ve listed below a few items from my paper jewelry collection that would befit the elegance of the latest trends in Kerala wear.

Manjadikuru Seed Jewelry

Manjadikuru is a Keralite’s nostalgia. There has not been a kid in Kerala, who hasn’t been an obsessive collector of these beautiful bright red seeds (and that includes myself!). Stirring the manjadikuru at the Guruvayoor temple is another fond memory. Manjadikuru stands for simplicity in thoughts and a sincere heart. 

A childhood collection that was well preserved from my visiting cousins and now my daughter, I finally opened my sacred manjadi cheppu to use these magical seeds in my jewelry collections.

The Manjadikuru collection includes a base that is hand sculpted from recycled cardboard and painted black. At the focus is the beautiful and nostalgic Manjadikuru – bringing back cherished memories of my homeland, Kerala.

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Timeless Kerala Jewelry

This elegant jewelry collection is inspired by the tradition of Kerala. Gold and off white combination holds special significance in the culture of Kerala.  It’s considered to be the most auspicious, especially during the occasion of Onam – the exciting harvest festival that the state celebrates without religious differences.

The charming collection is made from paper beads with a rustic gold and off-white checks design. Paper is meticulously rolled into perfect tube shaped beads and assembled into jewelry. The pendant and dangles are given a coat of sealant to make them water resistant.

During Onam, Kerala women drape themselves in the most gorgeous Kerala sarees in off-white and gold. Indulge in this collection now, as a wonderful accompaniment to your attire on the occasion.

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Shimmering Peacock Jewelry

Peacock is the epitome of majesty and holds a special place in the hearts of people of Kerala. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on his crown. Lord Karthikeya uses the peacock as his mode of conveyance.

Peacock symbolism is common in Kerala murals, and now extends to mural painted sarees, block printed motifs and peacock jewelry. 

This collection of shimmering peacock jewelry is made of paper beads lovingly handcrafted from rich metallic paper. With intricate details in exotic hues of blue, violet, green and copper, this will make the perfect accessory for an otherwise simple Kerala outfit. Time to look effortlessly beautiful and captivating.

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Makar Sankranti Jewelry

Makar Sankranti is an Indian harvest festival dedicated to the Hindu sun god, Surya. Makara Sankranti is celebrated in Kerala at Sabarimala where the Makara Jyothi is visible followed by the Makaravilakku celebrations.

The source of all life, the sun fills us with a feeling of warmth, strength and love. This collection of sun-inspired jewelry will do exactly the same by giving you strength and brightening the world around you.

The sun pendant has a scarlet red centre with a golden spiral (made of strong cardboard), and golden rays (made of paper beads). The long golden earrings represent the rays of the sun. Wear the sun and bask in its glory!

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