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I’m Devi Chand, the founder and artist behind Papermelon. I make some exciting paper jewelry. I live in a colorful India. I create from my little home studio in Chennai. I craft so that I don’t have to do other boring things. I’m wife to one and mother to a smaller one.

Devi Chand - Founder and Designer, Papermelon


As a tiny little nose picking kid, I loved to make things. My favorite things to make were glittery baubles and tiny gift boxes from candy wrappers. I proudly hung them on the Christmas tree, and then it felt like Christmas. My parents were super supportive in my crafty adventures and ignored the mess.

I grew up and studied design at NIFT. College inspired to dream, design and make more things. As a side effect, I met my awesome husband here. After graduation, I worked in a design firm. I yawned most of the time there. It took me only nine months to say goodbye to corporate life. I started Papermelon in 2009, and have been happily crafting thereafter.

Square One

When I started out, all I had was an enthusiastic me and a colourful stash of paper, thanks to my design education. During one of my experiments, I made my first paper bead by rolling a paper strip over a tooth pick. It looked ‘different’ from beads I’d seen before. That was the first of the many many hours I spend making paper beads, perfecting the art, and researching to make the beads beautiful and durable.


Overtime, I’ve fallen in love with working with paper, and the magic it creates.

Trashy Treasures

I obsessively collect all kinds of papers – newspapers, magazines, calendars, gift wraps, paper bags and pamphlets to name a few. 

And most amazingly, I have a network of friends, neighbours and relatives, who unconditionally passes on the vibrant paper stash they collected for this offbeat jewelry maker.

paper bags to be upcycled into jewelry

A Day in the Studio

My studio is composed of a table (our dining table in its previous life), several racks (that I managed to conquer) and our balcony (shared space with plants and birds).

The studio time begins as soon as my little 6-year old steps out for school, and comes to an end when I’m mother again. 

The Making

Making paper jewelry in my studio

I use simple hand tools and no machinery in production, because my hands are usually enough. 

Paper is cut into strips and meticulously hand rolled into perfectly shaped beads.

I work with papers that have irregular designs and colors, so it’s hard to predict the patterns the beads will decide to have. So when they are finished, I’m as surprised as anybody else. And I love that suspense.

The paper beads are given a coat of sealant to make the jewelry water resistant, so they can be cherished forever. The beads will rest in my balcony until they are thoroughly sun-dried. They are then assembled into necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


Our art was featured in some of the most wonderful publications – both online and offline.

Grateful to every single blogger and editor who chose to feature us.

“Our jewelry has travelled to 30 countries – and each journey is a story filled with adventure, anticipation and delight.”


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