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Papermelon weaves eco-conscious decisions into the lifecycle of each piece.

This includes what our product is made from, how and where it was made, and how it continues its life journey. Here's how we do that.


Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products as it is made from wood. 

Paper for our jewelry and decor is recycled from newspapers, magazines, paper bags, gift wraps, calendars and pamphlets. We obsessively collect them through an amazing network of friends, neighbours and well-wishers.

All supportive beads, cords and silver findings are sourced locally from small home-run businesses.


Our products are packed in beautiful cardboard boxes handcrafted by a talented local artisan. The boxes are reusable and recyclable.

Recycled crinkle paper is used as packing filler inside the boxes.

Fabric ribbons cut from tailoring waste add the finishing touch to our complementary gift packaging. With their beautiful textures and patterns, they make each package unique.

Studio Practices

We use simple hand tools and no machinery in production, which means low energy requirements.

We follow a zero waste policy in our studio – our designs and materials naturally allow this to be possible.

We transform everyday objects into work equipments. For eg, old bottles are used as moulds to make bracelets.

Our self-constructed lightbox placed in the balcony with ample sunlight works beautifully for our photographs.

We started as an ordinary business in 2009. Thankfully, we had an eye for ‘upcycling’, though the word was not coined back then. The brand naturally evolved by making sustainable choices in every step and detail – in life and business. We’re not perfect, but we’re determined to making this an extra-ordinarily ecologically committed business. 

New Designs

Every Month

Be the first to hear about new product launches & special studio happenings – once a month.

New Designs Every Month

Be the first to hear about new product launches & special studio happenings – once a month.