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Twinkle, Twinkle, Eco Stars: Chic Holiday Decor for a Greener Season

eco-friendly holiday decor contemporary style

In a world where sustainability is becoming an integral part of our lifestyle, extending our eco-friendly choices to holiday decorations is a natural progression.

If you’re someone who embraces a green lifestyle, why not extend that philosophy to your festive decor?

We’ve curated a list of holiday decorations that not only embrace sustainability but also add a contemporary twist to your seasonal style.

These unique pieces are bound to spark conversations, and your guests will undoubtedly appreciate the thoughtful effort you’ve put into decorating your space sustainably.

1. Magazine Star Ornaments

Make this Christmas your most eco-friendly and sustainable yet with these Whimsical Star Ornaments from Papermelon. Crafted with care from recycled magazine pages, each star tells a story. Choose from individual stars or sets, adorned in classic Christmas colors with a splash of unexpected hues. Use them to adorn your Christmas tree or as decorative tags for wrapped gifts.

2. Mini Magazine Christmas Tree

Transform your mantelpiece (or office table!) into a festive wonderland with the Mini Magazine Christmas Tree from Papermelon. Wondering how it’s made? Magazines are foraged for pages in colors that complement the tree’s palette. These pages are then meticulously rolled into beads, sealed for water resistance, and assembled into layers of green foliage, a sturdy brown base and a golden yellow star. A sustainable centerpiece that’s sure to catch Santa’s eye.

3. The Eco-Christmas Collection

Make your holiday celebrations merry and environmentally-conscious with the Eco-Christmas Collection from Papermelon. This splendid array of ten ornaments reimagines timeless Christmas symbols through a contemporary lens. The collection is handcrafted from recycled corrugated packaging paper, transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary art. Their charm invite you on a journey through time, blending the nostalgia of Christmas with a modern, eco-conscious twist.

Step away from the ordinary and infuse your holiday decor with a sustainable, stylish vibe.

Embrace the joy of decorating your space with pieces that resonate with both your aesthetic and your commitment to a greener world.

This festive season, let your decorations tell a story of sustainability and celebrate the magic of an eco-chic Christmas! 🌟🌲🎁

Happy decorating!

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