Rooster Hat from Paper

Vaiga had her crazy hat day at kindergarten last Friday. The children were asked to wear handmade hats to school. We thought and thought about what to make, and finally decided on a Rooster Hat, as we could think of nothing more colourful and crazy than a rooster. On Thursday, after Vaiga came back from school, we started on the project. I took out the colourful sheets of paper from my work stack. I was unable to take step by step pictures of the project, as it was too quick and messy for that. However, if you decide to make a similar hat, it is very easy to figure out. Just drop me a message if you need any assistance.

Here is how we did it -

 1. We first cut out a semi circle from brown paper and stuck the edges to make the cone. 

 2. Then we made the eyes, the beak, the wattle and the comb (the red parts on the rooster's head) and stuck them for the face. 

 3. Now we cut random strips of paper in different colours and stuck them at the back for the colourful tail.

 4. We took the elastic out of an old birthday hat, and stuck to the bottom of the cap. 

 5. And also attached little wings at the sides.

And the rooster was made and he looked crazy indeed! It was quite an easy project, the difficult part came later. Vaiga had chopped paper into tiny bits, and we had a wonderfully colourful floor that looked like mosaic. Oh now the cleaning!

She was very excited about the hat and kept on asking if it was Friday yet. And when it WAS Friday, she happily wore her rooster to school!

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