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Light Weight Earrings That Make A Statement

light weight earrings that make a statement

The not-so-small problem with Tender ears

My mom was an ardent jewelry lover. She loved wearing big beautiful dangles and the compliments that came with it. 

But there was a problem – she had soft, tender ear lobes. As time went by, the earrings slowly weighed her ears down and her ear holes became bigger and bigger. When the hole almost touched the bottom tip of the lobe, she had to undergo a surgery to stitch them back with smaller holes.

The worst part is she couldn’t wear her favourite big earrings anymore, but had to be content with barely-there tiny studs.

The Surprising Solution

Years later, I grew up to become a paper jewelry designer. Yes, you read that right. I create delicate and exciting jewelry from paper in all different sizes. Check them out here.

It’s when my customers started commenting about how light my paper earrings felt on their ears, I realised I may have accidentally found a solution to my mother’s problem.

What our Customers Say

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And the story ends like this – If you find a 70 year old saree-clad woman happily flaunting her statement paper earrings, that’s most probably my mother.

If you’re someone who, like my mother, is delighted by the idea of wearing big dangles but have sensitive ears, you should definitely checkout our lightweight earrings here.

P.S : All earring hooks are made from sterling silver, so they are also hypo-allergenic.

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Sustainable Jewelry & Decor

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