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Butterfly Board Game DIY for Kids & Parents

DIY butterfly board game for kids and parents

As the Corona virus created havoc across the world, Vaiga’s school closed unexpectedly. Thankfully, her teachers coordinated an online schedule and this kept us well engaged. Her school gave us fun tasks to perform in the final week of virtual school. Creating our own board game was one of them. Challenge accepted!!!

Vaiga came up with the theme of ‘The Butterfly that was really hungry and wanted to reach a flower that had plenty of honey she could sip sip sip.’ Now we needed obstacles that could possibly harm the butterfly on her way. A Butterfly Catcher, a Frog, a Cat, a Venus Flytrap and Rain looked like perfect villains. The butterfly runs into any one of the obstacles, and the poor thing has to restart.

And then we went about creating this cute little game. I helped her plan out the space, however all the art was added by Vaiga. We had so much fun making and playing this game. 

Here’s how you can make this simple and cute board game. This can be easily put together with materials already available at home. Try to hunt for paper scraps and anything interesting that you can use. Have fun!


  • Thick cardboard base (Can be yielded from carton boxes or other recycled packaging)
  • Papers scraps with interesting patterns (Pieces of old gift wraps are great)
  • An ice cream stick
  • Sketch pens
  • Color pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue


1. Base – We luckily had an old book’s cardboard packaging with a thin framed border that was perfect for this (14 X 14 inches square). We used the same without any alteration for the base. You can use any strong cardboard. Plan the space and sketch the skeleton of the game with pencil.

2. Butterfly – Cut out a rectangular piece of paper (4  X 5 inches). Pleat it and stick an ice cream stick in the middle. Draw or stick googly eyes and mouth. 

3. Flower – Cut 1 inch wide rectangular strips of colorful paper (Length of all strips combined together should be 18 inches). Pleat and stick the edges together to form a circle. Hold the pleats on a flat surface and stick a paper circle (1 inch diameter) for the center. 

4. Obstacles – Draw and color the obstacles on a paper and stick them on the board. (This is better than drawing directly on the board as it can avoid the possibility of a drawing gone wrong followed by a messed up board and a mad kid).

bird catcher drawing for board game
frog hand drawing by kid
flytrapper drawing by kids
cloud picture handdrawn by little girl
handdrawn cat for board game

5. The Path – Trace the path with black pen. Stick colorful bits of paper on the path and write the numbers.

DIY board game for kids and parents