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10 Surprising Newspaper Gifts for Journalists

newspaper gifts for journalist

Racking your brain to find the perfect gift for the nerdy journalist in your life? This list of newspaper themed items is complied to help you hit the sweet spot with ease. These picks are sure to delight the journalist/reporter/editor/photographer/geek in your life. Some of the items are made from recycled newspaper while others have newspaper prints on them. 

Newspaper Jewelry

This exciting series of newspaper jewelry by Papermelon is made from glossy newspaper strips over recycled cardboard. The jewelry is given a coat of eco friendly sealant to make it water resistant. An excellent way for the journalist to wear her work to work.

Shop Newspaper Jewelry by Papermelon.

Newspaper coasters

A set of 6 distressed newspaper print coasters with the box from “The Old Attic Store”. MDF 6mm coasters with the box are painted with acrylic paint, distressed for the vintage look and sealed with several layers of acrylic varnish.

Shop Newspaper coasters from The Old Attic Store.

Newspaper Crossword  Lantern

The Manhasset Collection’s Crossword Lantern is a striking black and white artichoke lamp shade created by applying circular pieces from crossword puzzles to a round paper lantern. The shade glows warmly when lit up, allowing a decent amount of light through the layers of paper.

Shop Newspaper Lantern by AsterandQuail.

Newspaper Tote Bag

Sharon Cullars’s classic tote with a modern twist has an all-over-newspaper-print that allows for 100% customization. Makes shopping trips a little more earth-friendly and a lot more stylish!

Shop this newspaper bag by Sharon Cullars.

Newspaper Phone Case

A stylish phone case with a newspaper print from Andrea Haase. This phone case is made with polycarbonate, a premium material known for its durability and resistance to high impact. 

Shop Phone Case by Andrea Haase.

Newspaper Daisy Headband

Two recycled newspaper print daisies adorn this fun headband by MaiseysDaiseys. The paper has been coated with a gloss finish for durability and long lasting wear, and attached to a comfy headband with ribbon. 

Shop Newspaper Daisy HEadsband by MaiseysDaiseys.

Newspaper Print Jacket

A newspaper print woman jacket by PeuShop with oversize hoodie. The jacket is handmade from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and has a relax loose fit.

Shop Newspaper Jacket by PeuShop.

Newspaper Print Umbrella

A quirky compact umbrella from Staunton and Henry with a fun and unexpected monochrome newsprint pattern. Compact enough to fit in handbags or brief cases, and ever ready to keep you dry when the heavens open.

Shop Newspaper Umbrella from Staunton and Henry.

Newspaper Print Goose

A piece of unique home decor made from newspaper printed fabric by Florfanka. It makes a fantastic decoration for the summer house or a perfect gift for your friend.

Shop Newspaper Goose by Florfanka.

Newspaper Pencils 

These recycled pencils are made by the NGO Women’s Dreams, who aim to improve the economic and educational situation of women in Nepal. They are cleverly made from old newspaper compressed and wrapped incredibly tightly around a lead. 

Shop Newspaper Pencils by Women’s Dreams.

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