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Surprising Teacher Gifts Based on the Subject They Teach

surprising teacher gifts based on the subject they teach

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for your favorite teacher to say thank you and put a smile on her face?

Candy and stationery have for long been obvious choices for teacher gifts.

But this year, why not think outside the box and get creative with your gift giving by personalising your teacher gifts to match their taste – or even better, the subject they teach!

They’ll surely be touched by your thoughtful gesture, and you’ll always remain a student they can’t forget.

Gift for English Teacher

Reward her genuine love for words and literature with printed words in her gift. These jewelry pieces made from newspapers and magazines will express your admiration for her intellect.

classic newspaper bracelet journalist gift
Classic Newspaper Bracelet
Travel Magazine Necklace Gift for Traveler
Travel Magazine Necklace

Gift for Math Teacher

A real simple mathematical equation for finding the right gift for the teacher who made maths fun for you – get her an amusing piece of math jewelry that she’ll proudly wear.

abacus necklace quirky jewelry
Mini Abacus Necklace
abacus necklace math jewelry
Jumbo Abacus Necklace

Gift for Physics Teacher

The one who inspires the next generation of scientists and engineers deserves a gift that will ignite her mind. Universe and energy are themes that are will delight a Physics teacher.

shooting star earrings celestial jewelry
Shooting Star Earrings
Morning Sun Necklace
Rainbow earrings Cool Boho Colorful Beaded Summer Jewelry
Sunny Rainbow Earrings

Gift for Biology Teacher

Her insatiable curiosity about life and a genuine interest in the natural world makes these plant and animal life themed picks the best gift ever for the Biology teacher.

Nature Statement Green Leaf Pendant Necklace
Tropical Fern Necklace
Dreamy Lilac Daisy Earrings
Dreamy Lilac Daisy Earrings
Artist Dragonfly Necklace

Gift for History Teacher

They are story tellers as well as instructors, and lovers of all things historic. That’s why these classic jewelry pieces inspired by the past will each tell a story close to her heart.

rustic brown earrings Indian Earthy Big Bold Organic Jewelry
Rustic Treasure Earrings
Art Deco Necklace
antique gold Indian magical amulet earrings
Magical Amulet Earrings

Gift for Art Teacher

Art teachers tend to have distinct personalities, which makes them creative, intuitive and sensitive individuals. An original gift is sure to touch their deep inner soul.

Art Magazine Earrings Gift for Art Lover
Art Magazine Earrings
Sunday Comics necklace Funky Jewelry
Sunday Comics Necklace

Gift for Yoga Teacher

Yoga teachers are more than physical trainers – they invoke love and light into your life. A thoughtful gift that connects her with yoga or her fond memories of India will send her to nirvana.

Zen Harmony Necklace
Manjadikuru Earrings Natural Seed Jewelry From India
Manjadikuru Seed Earrings
sun necklace gift for yoga teacher
Makar Sankranti Necklace

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