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Anniversary Gifts By Year For The Jewelry Lover

anniversary gifts by year for jewelry lover

An anniversary is a celebration of love and commitment, and an anniversary gift shows the love of your life how much you love and care for them. While picking the best anniversary gift is no easy task, going by the traditional materials linked with each anniversary can be a huge help. 

Nowadays, artists around the world are creating revolution with unexpected materials and techniques in jewelry making. Picking a thoughtful piece of jewelry in the material corresponding to the anniversary can thrill her because there really is nothing like jewelry. I’ve put together a list of the top anniversary gifts by year and some amazing jewelry artists who are doing an incredible work in this field. Put a smile on your loved one’s face with an anniversary gift you know they’ll love.

1ST YEAR: Paper

Paper Jewelry by Papermelon

Devi Chand, the designer and creator behind Papermelon, makes exciting sustainable paper jewelry.  Paper is cut into strips and meticulously hand rolled into perfectly shaped beads that are assembled into jewelry. The paper beads are given a coat of sealant to make the jewelry water resistant, so they can be cherished forever.

Shop Paper Jewelry by Papermelon.

2ND YEAR: Cotton

Cotton Jewelry by Eleanor Bolton

Eleanor Bolton is a British designer known for her unique craft technique of coiling and hand stitching cotton rope to create sculptural yet lightweight tactile jewelry. Her attention to detail, combined with the innovative use of the materials define Eleanor’s approach and strong aesthetic appeal. 

Shop Cotton Jewelry by Eleanor Bolton.

3RD YEAR: Leather

Leather Jewelry by Love At First Blush

Inspired by nature, winged creatures, and her travels across the world, Sabrina Chin of Love at First Blush creates delicate feather jewelry from Italian lambskin leather . Leather is handcut to look like a real feather and sewn with a small wire in the center. The feather is able to bend and flex to the desired shape.

Shop Leather Jewelry by LoveAtFirstBlush.

4TH YEAR: Flowers

Flower Jewelry by Hanami Real Flower Jewelry

Hanami Real Flower Jewelry is made of real, natural flowers. Each flower is carefully selected for originality, color and shape. It is then dried, preserved and covered with several coats of resin, to achieve a hard and durable finish. This process can take as much as one week for each flower. 

Shop Hanami Real Flower Jewelry.

5TH YEAR: Wood

Wood Jewelry by ShopJoyo

Joyo is run by husband and wife team, Damian and Jenn Liddiard. Combining their backgrounds, they work at the intersection of art and technology to create clean, modern pieces of wood jewelry. The jewelry is made from beautiful walnut and maple wood etched with intricate details using a combination of laser technology and traditional craft techniques.

Shop Wood Jewelry by ShopJoyo.

6TH YEAR: Iron

Iron Jewelry by Dirty Pretty Artwear

Amy Turner Clem of Dirty Pretty Artwear handcrafts bold, whimsical jewelry using recycled metals without using fire or harmful chemicals.  She has a special affinity for working with iron. A modern industrial medium, it’s an unexpected and uncommon choice for jewelry that allows her to mix the precious with the rustic. 

Shop Iron Jewelry by Dirty Pretty Artwear.

7TH YEAR: Wool

Wool Jewelry by BlanCraft

Blanka Bakowicz, the designer and maker behind BlanCraft, creates sensual and romantic pieces of floral jewelry using fine merino wool and silk fibers, which are very soft and lightweight. She feels it as a kind of sculpting, but in wool instead of clay. All BlanCraft products are made manually out of natural materials and that makes them really ecological and skin friendly.

Shop Wool Jewelry by BlanCraft.

8TH YEAR: Bronze

Bronze Jewelry by Brelokz

Véronique Roy crafts beautiful creations in bronze from her studio in Québec. Inspired by nature, she reproduces the organic textures in metal so as to create natural and timeless treasures. Her creations undoubtedly capture the essence of nature.

Shop Bronze Jewelry by Brelokz.

9TH YEAR: Pottery

Porcelain Jewelry by Gouttedeterre

Raphaël Schaltegger of Gouttedeterre creates modern and minimalist jewelry, out of porcelain from Limoges – one of the most appreciated among ceramists for its quality and color. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and fired at a very high temperature to ensure its hardness. All jewelry is made in her studio in Paris. 

Shop Porcelain Jewelry by Gouttedeterre.

10TH YEAR: Tin

Tin Jewelry by Busy Beez & Chickadeez

Heather of Busy Beez & Chickadeez creates stunning jewelry from vintage tea tins. Strips of the tea tin have been carefully cut and inlaid to antique brass. Most jewelry is one of a kind, as it is hard to find the exact tea tin again! 

Shop Tin Jewelry by Busy Beez & Chickadeez.

11TH YEAR: Steel

Steel Jewelry by Loralyn Designs

Laura King is the owner and designer behind Loralyn Designs. She crafts beautiful jewelry from stainless steel. Since it is made from stainless steel, it will NEVER tarnish and is not susceptible to scratches, dings or dents. Stainless is also a great alternative for people that have skin reactions with other types of metals.

Shop Steel Jewelry by Loralyn Designs.

12TH YEAR: Silk

Silk Jewelry by Mieko Mintz

Born in southern Japan, Mieko Mintz uses handcrafted textiles from around the world to make contemporary pieces. Her signature line includes silk jewelry made from vintage sari kantha, each with its own variety of colors and its own story. Soft fabric beads are sewn from vintage saris, stitched with kantha embroidery, and filled with lightweight cotton batting, creating a necklace that is both bold and fun. 

Shop Silk Jewelry by Mieko Mintz.

13TH YEAR: Lace

Lace Jewelry by White Owl Jewelry

White Owl Jewelry is a collaboration by two sisters – Christina and Courtney – who creates exotic lace jewelry. Their jewelry is a Each piece that you will find in the collection is made one at a time, with carefully selected materials.

Shop Lace Jewelry by White Owl Jewelry.

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