What’s Papermelon jewelry made of?

Papermelon jewelry is made from the most unexpected and humble medium – paper.

Whoever thought of this?

Oh so glad you asked! Hey! I’m Devi Chand, the founder and the artist behind Papermelon. Read more about my story.

Where’s your studio located? What does it look like?

I craft from my little home studio in Chennai, India. My studio space consists of my work table (dining table in its previous life), a few racks (that I managed to conquer) and our balcony (sharing space with birds and plants). 

How do you source all this incredible variety of paper?

I obsessively collect all kinds of papers – newspapers, magazines, calendars, gift wraps, paper bags and pamphlets to name a few. Occasionally, I also buy eco friendly paper from my local store and during my travels. And most amazingly, I also have a network of friends, neighbours and relatives, who unconditionally passes on the vibrant paper stash they collected for this offbeat jewelry maker.

How do you make jewelry from paper?

Paper is cut into strips and meticulously hand rolled into perfectly shaped beads, using glue, love and patience. A coat of sealant is then applied to the paper beads to make them water resistant. The beads will rest in my balcony until they are thoroughly sun-dried. The beads are then assembled into necklaces, earrings and bracelets in intriguing designs. Read more about my process.

How long does it take to create a piece?

This is a toughie because my jewelry making process is not a linear one. The process involves several stages like bead making, varnishing, assembling and packing, that it’s really tricky to figure out the exact time spend on a particular piece. However, my estimates show that smaller pieces take at least an hour, while larger pieces can take several days to complete.

Where can I buy your jewelry?

You can buy Papermelon jewelry in my online shop. I typically release a new collection every month. The best way to find out about new product launches is to sign up for my monthly newsletter.

How do I care for Papermelon jewelry? What if it comes in contact with water?

Papermelon jewlery is made to be durable enough for everyday usage. All my paper jewelry is protected using a sealant which allows the jewelry to be sturdy and water resistant. However, it’s best not to immerse them in water. Read detailed jewelry care instructions.

Can you create a custom piece of jewelry for me?

Oh yes, I’ll try my best! Custom work kind of challenges my brain, and I love that feeling. If you’ve an idea that you’d like me to execute, you should absolutely contact me, and we can discuss!

Is Papermelon jewelry sustainable?

Papermelon jewelry is sustainable because it’s made from paper, which is one of the most truly sustainable and renewable products. I also follow sustainable practices in my studio. Read more about how Papermelon creates sustainable jewelry.

Why is Papermelon jewelry the perfect first anniversary gift?

The first anniversary is traditionally the “Paper Anniversary”, which makes paper gifts the perfect choice for the occasion. Papermelon’s handcrafted paper jewelry is a unique and unexpected twist on the 1st wedding anniversary gift, that’s sure to delight her because it’s like nothing she’s ever experienced before. Read more about first anniversary gifts.

I’m confused about choosing the perfect gift she’ll love. Any suggestions?

Gift giving seems like it should be simple, but sometimes it can get pretty complicated. Don’t worry! This gift guide is sure to help you pick a thoughtful gift based on her interest – one that she’s absolutely going to love.


How do I pay for my order?

I accept payment through PAYPAL. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay at the PayPal site with your credit or debit card. For this, click on “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” below the Payal login button. Read more about payment.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship worldwide! And hurray! Standard Shipping is free, anywhere in the world!

When will you ship my order?

All orders are shipped within 1-3 working days.

How much does shipping cost? When will my order arrive?
The shipping cost and delivery time will depend on your location and the shipping mode you choose at checkout from the below given options:

a) STANDARD SHIPPING : Delivers in 7 – 20 business days (FREE!)

b) SPEED POST : Delivers in 5 – 10 business days

c) UPS : Delivers in 2 – 3 business days (Relax, Last minute shopper)

The best way to find out the exact cost is by adding the items to cart. The different shipping modes, delivery times and charges will automatically display at checkout. Read more about my shipping policies.

Will you gift pack my order?

Sure, I’ll – without being asked. Your order will arrive in a beautiful handcrafted gift box with a unique fabric bow, ready for gift giving. You’ll also receive a beautiful handmade card with each item. I’ll also hand write your gift message, if you provide one at check out.

Do you accept returns and exchanges? 

I offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you’re anything less than delighted when you open the package, drop me a note, so we can make things right. I gladly accept returns and exchanges. Please contact me within 15 days of delivery. I’ll also replace or refund any item that should be broken or lost in transit.


Can I sell your products in my store? Will you be interested in wholesale?

Yes, I sell wholesale. Papermelon jewelry is currently available in a few selected boutiques across the world. If you’d like to become a stockist, please contact me.


How do I keep in touch with you?

The best way to keep in touch with me is to become a Papermelon Insider – just enter your name and email. This way, you’ll be the first to hear about new product launches and special studio happenings, by email. You’ll hear from me about once a month. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Where can I follow you in social media?

For occasional and awesome social updates, here’s where to find me : 


If you have any questions or concerns that are not covered here, please feel free to contact me and I’ll happily assist you.