I’m Devi Chand, and I make some exciting upcycled paper jewelry. I live in a colorful India. I craft so that I don’t have to do other boring things. I am wife to one and mother to a smaller one.

As a tiny little kid, I loved to make things. My favorite things to make were glittery balls from candy wrappers and tiny gift boxes from match boxes. I hung them on the Christmas tree, and then it felt like Christmas. My parents were super supportive in my crafty adventures and ignored the mess.

I grew up and studied design at NIFT. College inspired to dream and make more things. I also met my husband here. After graduation, I worked in a design firm. I yawned most of the time there. It took me only nine months to say goodbye to corporate life. I started Papermelon and have been happily crafting thereafter.

The first batches of paper beads I made were a disaster, almost like an earthquake. It took many months of practice before they started looking like beads.
Sometimes, new designs come in my dream.
I use minimal tools and no machinery in production, because my hands are usually enough.
Some find it hard to believe that these were made from paper. In such cases, I rescue my jewelry from the burn test.
My baby girl is my timer, she decides if, when and how much I work.
I love to inspire others to craft non-stop.