Rooster Hat from Paper

rooster hat from paper
Rooster hat from paper
crazy rooster hat from paper

It was Vaiga’s crazy hat day today. We made this crazy rooster hat from colorful paper. Here’s how you can make him too :

  1. Hat – Take an old birthday hat and open it up. Trace the outline of this on thick brown paper (cardstock). Fold the brown paper to form the cone of the hat. Stick or staple the edges.
  2. Elastic – Find an elastic from an old birthday hat. Staple it at the sides of the hat.
  3. Eyes – Draw and cut out ovals for eyes from white paper. Cut out little circles from black paper for the eye balls. Punch little circles on the black circles for the sparkle. Stick the black circles on the white ovals.
  4. Beak – Cut a diamond shape from yellow paper. Fold it into half for triangles in the beak.
  5. Comb (Red growth on top of the rooster’s head) and Wattle (red growth under the beak) – Cut the comb and wattle shape from red paper.
  6. Face – Stick the comb, eyes, beak and wattle on the hat to make the face of the crazy rooster.
  7. Tail – Cut long strips of paper in different colors – red, orange, yellow, blue and green. Curl them up. Stick them one by one at the back of the hat. 
  8. Wings – Cut out wings from white paper and stick over where the elastic was attached.

That’s it, your rooster is one handsome fellow! If you like him, let me know in the comments below!

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