DIY Paper Christmas Tree

When Vaiga (3 years old now) planned to kidnap the Christmas tree she found at the supermarket yesterday, I knew it was time to make our own. But something is more special than a store-bought Christmas tree, and that is a homemade one. We decided to make a small Christmas tree that would match her size, inspired by Martha Stewart. We wanted to share our creation here, so you can make one too. 

There are 4 parts to making this tree – Foliage, trunk, base and star.

1. To make the foliage, draw 5 circles on thick green paper (card stock) using a compass, with diameters of 6”, 5”, 4”, 3” and 2”. Cut them out with a scissor.

2. Make a fold on the circle, passing through the center. Make 3 more folds in the same way at equal distance from each other. Take the reverse side. Make 4 folds facing this side in the same way. Now, you have 8 folds altogether giving the circle a ruffle pattern.

3. Cut small holes at the center of the circles (all except the smallest circle, as this will cap the trunk) to pass through the trunk.

4. For the trunk, choose something that is strong and thin, about 10 inches long. I chose an old paint brush, and removed the bristles part. I then painted it brown. A wooden skewer, a sturdy straw or a crochet needle are other good options for the trunk.

5. Mark points at ¾”, 1 ¾”, 3” and 4 ½” from the top on the trunk. Stick the 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” circles at these points respectively. Stick the 2”circle like a cap on top. You may need to press on the folds of the foliage again as they may get slightly flattened during this process. Adjust such that the folds match between the different layers of the foliage.

6. To make the base, you can use any small container that is available at home. You can paint or stick paper on it to make it more attractive. However, if you would like to make a simple cardboard base like mine, here is how you can do it. Cut a 2 inch wide strip of thin cardboard, apply glue and firmly roll it over a bottle with a suitable diameter. Stick the end firmly and allow to dry. Trace the outer circle on cardboard and cut out the circle. Stick this to the bottom of the base. You can sand the top for a better finish, if you like.

7. Stick thick brown paper on the sides and base.

8. Use the bottle to trace the circumference of the base on Oasis floral foam (this is commonly used as a base in bouquets), and cut out the form at a height of 1 ½ “. Apply glue inside the container and insert the form. This would form a beautiful and sturdy base for your tree.

9. Fit the tree right at the center.

10. Cut out a star in any color of your choice. I made a stencil for the star first, to minimize the pencil marks on the actual paper. I used a glossy double sided red color paper from an old pamphlet. Stick the star on top of the tree.

My little one and her friends immensely enjoyed their Christmas tree. They are sure Santa will be impressed.

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