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Gift for Math Teacher She’ll Cherish Forever

math teacher gifts
A special Math teacher indeed deserves a special gift . One that’s not candy or stationary, but one that’s completely unexpected, perhaps unbelievable. One that she’d cherish along with the memory of the one who gifted it to her. 
This Abacus collection is designed to do just that!

This is no ordinary abacus. It works like a real abacus – with the beads moving around on their rods – AND it’s a statement piece she can wear! 

The abacus is composed of little paper beads meticulously handcrafted from upcycled paper in vibrant colors. The jewelry has been coated with a sealant to make it water resistant. 
They are sure to become conversation starters for their wonderful quirky quality. 

The collection comprises of 3 unique pieces – The Mini Abacus Necklace and Earrings for the perfect addition of color and playful to her attire, and then the JUMBO version that goes alllll the way for those who love to say it loud! 

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